InsideScan 3.5

FileMaker plug-in for image handling

InsideScan is a file and image management plug-in for FileMaker Pro, available for both macOS and Windows.

It is perfectly integrated with FileMaker Pro through a large set of additional functions: this makes it ideal for creating databases for electronic documentation management, filing images, creating sales catalogs, enriching personal data cards and all those situations where using images is a necessity.

Scanner Interface

Scan images and documents directly from TWAIN compliant and Apple Image Capture acquisition sources (feature available on macOS only), and choose to save them on disk or into your container fields. It is also possible to scan and save multi images and documents to PDF and TIFF files.

Import Pictures

Import images in your database, by supplying their pathname or URL. You can choose whether to store them in your database or import them by reference, to avoid your database become too large.

Export Pictures

Export images from container fields to a file. You can choose the file format in a specified format (i.e. JPEG, TIFF, PICT, BMP, PSD, single frames, etc.).

File Handling

Handle files and folders. For instance you can delete, rename and copy files, create and list folders, get and set dates, OS X permissions and more.

Transform Images

Apply a set of transformations to an image, such as resize, depth, resolution, rotate, invert, crop, convert, flip, scale and more. You can transform both images stored in container fields, or images on disk. This allows you, for example, to create a thumbnail of the image to save memory space or to make presentations.

Picture Info

Get information for images. For example, it is possible to obtain type, width, height, depth, resolution and size. It is also possible to retrieve meta data compliant information, such as IPTC and EXIF.

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